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What she does:
Lori started out in chalk pastel and
those messy little sticks of color will always have a special place in her heart. These days she works mostly digitally for convenience. Characterized by bold color and playful lines, her work reveals the great joy she finds in the unconstrained, the uneven, the crooked, and the curious.

About Lori

Where she's been:
Lori Keehner holds a BA in Studio Art and a minor in English with an emphasis on children's literature. After graduation she worked as a children's librarian while building her freelance career.

She later took the position of Art Director and Lead 2D artist for an animation/gaming start-up. There she worked in hand, flash, and stop-motion animation, as well as web, game, and app design.  

Since going freelance in 2009, she has worked with clients and corporations in areas including production and graphic design, story-boarding, character design, animation, greeting cards, and children's illustration (most recently for Ladybug Magazine).


Where she is now:
Originally from Iowa, Lori currently lives in a tiny stone cottage under
a giant Norway Spruce in rural New Jersey. She shares it with one nicely bearded husband, one largely indifferent cat, and one very naughty dog. They find themselves quite contented to be wherever they are, together.


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